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Game Calendar

Date Place Can’t Attend Notes
1 May Joel’s House Paul late  
15 May Joel’s House Paul, Bill  
29 May Paul’s House Joel Bill DMing (a side quest; same characters)

Party Roster

Player Character Race Class Level Feats/ Skills
Bill Krait Tiefling Warlock 1 Sacrifice to Caiphon/
History, Intimidate, Bluff, Arcana
Paul Tagrek Goliath Paladin 1 Weapon Proficiency (Executioner’s Axe)/
Intimidate, Religion, Heal, Endurance
Stephen Name Gnome Wizard 1 Feats
Will Name Halfling Rogue 1 Feats
Mike Estella Elf Bard 1 Feats
Harry Balisar Dragonborn Warlord 1 SKILLS Endurance, Heal, Athletics, Diplomacy / FEATS Improved Resources / POWERS At-Will Opening Shove At-Will Commander’s Strike Encounter Diabolic Stratagem Daily Bastion of Defense

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